Our Purpose

As a coaching professional, you want to make the greatest impact on your clients. If you are an HR professional, internal coach or external coach providing services to organisations, you fully understand the complexities of consistently delivering excellence. If so, The Centre is committed to developing your capacity as a coaching professional.

Since 2001, The Centre has become a recognised leader in organisational coaching supervision and coaching development. Headquartered in Sydney, our coaching services have placed coaching professionals in unique positions to confidently engage with their work and we may do the same for you.

The Centre has worked with both internal and external coaching professionals to bring their ‘best self’ to their coaching practice. This expanded capacity leads to enriched engagement with the client, their work and the client’s organisation is at its heart.

We partner with coaches, human resources professionals, academics and psychologists who work in a coaching paradigm. We role model coaching as a way of being, not just a process, a model, a leadership style or a profession.