Developing Transformative Coaching Leadership

The Centre is committed to coaching leadership as an organisational imperative. Directive leadership (characterised by telling people what to do) is not only ineffective, it fosters dependency and decreases resiliency. Coaching leadership (characterised by engaging people in the solution) is effective, creates interdependency and increases resiliency.

According to the CEB 2014 Infographic Beyond Engagement: Driving Business Performance in the New Work Environment (graphic below), research shows that in today’s high-paced work environment, the way people work has fundamentally changed.

Developing Transformative Coaching Leadership

As a result, so have the requirements of the organisational objectives and what skills employees need to have to grow with the new requirements.

The Centre offers individual modules and an integrated coaching leadership program to insure success in today’s rapidly changing business environment.


  • Why Transformative Leadership is Important
  • Applying Direct Communication as a Leader
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Giving and Receiving Useful Feedback
  • Facilitating Expectations
  • Applying Coaching Skills to Team and Partner

According to the 2010 Executive Coaching Survey, conducted by the Conference Board, 63% of organizations use some form of internal coaching, and half of the rest plan to. Yet coaching is a small part of the job description for most managers. Nearly half spend less than 10% of their time coaching others. Source: “The Key to Effective Coaching” Forbes On-line


  • Speaking authentically and engage key stakeholders
  • Supporting people through change
  • Communicating through effective open conversations throughout the organisation
  • Fostering trust and rapport
  • Negotiating and manage expectations

“What I’ve learned is broader than coaching. It’s about being the best WHO you are.” HR Business Leader, NGO

“What I’ve learned in executive coach training is the beauty of coaching is to have the opportunity to inspire a person, bring out his/her best potential, see him/her succeed and share his/her joy.” General Manager, Pharmaceuticals Industry

“I learned further questioning capability and the importance of curiosity. Ensuring that my understanding clarifies the true issue at hand.” Details withheld for confidentiality reasons

“The course has helped me define who I am as a coaching leader and now I work more authentically.” General Manager, Finance Industry

“I really appreciate the opportunity to do the course. It resonates deeply with me.” HR Business Partner, NGO

“I learned that we need to follow the client’s pace and cannot feel intimidated by their experience. Most importantly, never lose confidence as the client can pick this up and can compromise the whole series. We can always add value, we just need to trust ourselves!” Details withheld for confidentiality reasons

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