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Coaching has evolved from being a cottage industry to an estimated 47,500 global coaching community presently. In 2014 there are 24,000 ICF members with 51% of them credentialed.

“The importance of certification/credentials from the consumer’s perspective was strongly voiced by survey respondents. Among those who had been in a coaching relationship, 83% said it was important or very important that the coach should have a certification/credential.” 

Source: “Background Information & Membership Facts—February 2014”, ICF Publication

In AU/NZ (Oceania, not including Asia), the trend toward credentialing is even higher at 75% of the coaching population surveyed.

Coach Mentoring

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This trend indicates that ICF members are committed to enhancing both themselves and their practice to provide the best quality service available.

The purpose of coach mentoring is to attain a particular standard or demonstrate specific coaching competencies, i.e. for credentialing requirements. The process begins with reflective practice forms completed by the mentor and associate; the mentor offers coaching resources, courses or suggested reading; and finally an assessment is made to evaluate the mentee’s progress.

For the individual coach seeking an ICF Credential, mentor coaching is a vital component to the credential process as well as the development of the individual coach. A mentor coach may provide guidance on any aspect of the individual’s coaching skills as opposed to the coach’s life goals, career objectives or personal development.

Coach Mentoring Options

Individual Mentoring and reflective practice for on-going coaching skills development and/or for credentialing purposes.

  • Bring your recorded sessions for assessment and/or feedback.
  • Can meet the ICF requirement coach mentoring in part or in total, depending on number of hours.
  • Learning Journal and Workbook with key materials for the ICF Credential process can be provided, if useful.

New coaches can build their practice with our Coach Pack

  • Sample contracts
  • Coaching articles for new clients
  • Templates and forms for coaching engagements

Group and Individual Mentoring (for coaches and consultancies)

  • Meets the ICF requirements coach mentoring
  • 3 hours individual sessions, 7 group sessions (of no more than 10 participants)
  • Learning Journal and Workbook with key materials for the ICF Credential process
  • Can be virtual or in-person.

Coach Mentoring Outcomes

  • Gaining an in-depth understanding of the 11 ICF Core Competencies
  • Listening to and receiving useful in the moment feedback about a learner’s coaching against the ICF Core Competencies
  • Embedding skills and promote on-going learning through reflective practice
  • Understanding the ICF Credential Process: Tips and advice on recordings, Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA), application process and how to coach session transcription
  • Understanding when/if the learner is ready to apply for the ICF Credential

More information on Coach Mentoring for the ICF Credential is available on the ICF web site.

“Tammy was a great mentor to me, as she was listening holistically with full intensity, direct in her feedback, generous and authentic in her experience sharing. She has this positive energy and drive that radiate throughout the sessions and help them generate great insight.” ICF MCC

“I learned that we need to follow the client’s pace and cannot feel intimidated by their experience. Most importantly, never lose confidence as the client can pick this up and can compromise the whole series. We can always add value, we just need to trust ourselves!” Credentialing Coach Pathway Program Graduate, ACC 

“Tammy really gets what you are saying. She is a wonderful listener and gives excellent feedbacks during the sessions.”  Organisational Psychologist, ICF ACC

“Tammy is both a big picture thinker and delve into the details. She identifies areas of improvement quickly so that I became a confident, credentialed PCC coach in minimal time.” Executive Coach, ICF PCC

“Tammy has been coaching for such a long time that she is a sage to me. Her support and gentle, insightful feedback enhanced my coaching.” ICF ACTP Life Coach Graduate, PCC Applicant

Am I ready to credential?

Timing is important to take full advantage of being mentored. Before undertaking a full mentoring program, here are the requirements and ICF application costs.

ICF Credential Requirements

More details about the process and ICF Requirement are available on the ICF web site.

For more information about Coach Mentoring please contact us.