The Centre partners with leaders in the coaching industry to offer the highest quality services expanding you and/or or organisations’ learning.

Coach Mentoring Pathway Program (CMPP) 
From Technician to Artist

A hybrid program combining both coach mentoring and supervision paradigms, to help ACC & PCC candidates discover their unique voice and coaching genius.

  • Gain an in-depth understanding and application of the 11 ICF Core Competencies
  • Receive and learn from targeted feedback about your coaching
  • Develop yourself as a coach through reflective practice

Practical tips and coaching growth from two qualified mentors:

Tammy Turner Headshot white backgroundTammy Turner, MCC 

ICF Australasia, Director

Professional Standards

0409 553 558


Kendra Strudwick

Kendra Strudwick, PCC

Senior Trainer/Assessor

The Neuroleadership Institute

0411 211 749



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AU$1,500 +GST – Maximum of 8 in a group 
(Register within the same week with a friend and attend the same program together. Save $200!)

*no GST for participants outside of Australia, however an AU$30 banking fee will be added to offset processing fees.

Direct deposit or credit card are accepted. Extended terms may be offered on an as-needed basis. 


Year-End Program
Orientation: 9:30-10:30 am (one hour only) Monday, 26th September

Session 1: Monday 10th October (Tammy)

Individual 1 Anytime between 26th September and 17th October

Session 2: Monday 17th October (Tammy)
Session 3: Monday 7th November (Tammy)
Session 4: Monday 21st November (Kendra)

Individual 2 Anytime between 7th November and end of November

Session 5: Monday 28th November (Kendra)
Session 6: Monday 12th December (Kendra)

Individual 3 Anytime between 13th Dec end of Jan 2017

Deadline for final individual session is end January 2017.

Format: 6 virtual group sessions, 3 virtual individual sessions over 3 months to qualify as part of your ICF Credential Application.
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